Stroke of Genius

I'm not sure how many times last night I woke up to wipe the snot and slobber off my chest. At least six. Coral is stuffed up and teething, a very messy combination. She didn't want to sleep in her crib alone but she doesn't like sleeping in our bed. She can't get comfortable.

I felt the weight of her one year old body on my chest all night long. The night was miserable and uncomfortable. I couldn't fall asleep because I feared her slipping off. I dozed a few minutes at a time instead. I know that I won't remember the fatigue of the night a year from now. I know that I will never forget the feeling of my 20 pound baby being an extension of myself once again, if only temporarily, like she was 20 months ago. 

That thought comforts me little today. Too tired.

In addition, Eli was also stuffy and woke up twice complaining of "having a big choke" which I can only imagine meant swallowing an obscenely large ball of snot. The second time he woke up, he wandered the house crying, looking for me. With Coral on my chest, I maneuvered myself out of bed and tucked him back into his.

There's more. I am officially an able-bodied breeder again, if you get my drift, and have re-entered womanhood with a vengeance. So on top of getting up to get Eli back to bed and only being allowed cat naps with Coral on my chest, I had to put her down to take several trips to the bathroom which of course left her screaming.

Jordon hasn't been feeling well either. Last night he had a fever. So I laid in bed with a hot baby on my chest and a hot husband at my side, receiving only brief relief from the fan on Jordon's side of the room, mostly blocked by his body. 

I was wishing that I had a fan on my side of the room as well.

It was then that my million dollar idea hit. Although drunk from lack of sleep, I created a mental prototype of a fan that... are you ready to this?  Mounts to the CEILING. GENIUS. I would call it... hmm... I would call it a ceiling fan!

Edited to add that this is NOT my fan or picture! I know, someone else as inventive as me, just a Google click away!

When the realization of my non-invention finally dawned on me, I pledged to not bother with thought for the rest of the night/day. So far I am succeeding in abundance.  


Beka said...

Heh. Nice fan idea. Whatever it takes!

Able-bodied breeder...OMG.....heheh. :/

Tracey said...

So many things to say about this post my friend...
1. Don't you just want to escape in the middle of it all?
2. But then you did say you had a "hot" husband lying next to you. :)
3. Did you really tape the ceiling up there? Ca-razy. Would have fretted all night about it falling down.
4. Though I felt for your hard night (been there), I did enjoy your humor. :)

Hang in there...all the hard days get balanced out with the good. God is good. :)